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2016 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 2: C-F

Countries of the World C-F No longer available for sale

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Canada and Canadian Provinces received a thorough going over this year, which resulted in slightly more than 5,000 value changes. On the editorial front, the most important change for 2016 is the elevation of the type II imperforate 1903 2¢ King Edward VII definitive (previous Scott 90a) to major number status as Scott 90A. This stamp, along with Scott 136-138, are the only Canada imperforate stamps that were actually issued to the public. The other major editorial improvement for 2016 is the addition of some 40 new Canada listings for error stamps, starting with a vertical pair, imperforate between (Scott 90f) to a new variety of Scott 2692 without the repeating “Canada” underprint on the reverse of the stamp (Scott 2692a). This easily is the most new error listings added to Canada in the Scott catalog in a single year.


All told, almost 13,500 value changes are recorded in Vol. 2 of the 2016 Standard catalog. Aside from Canada, countries with notable numbers of value changes include Dominica, with a shade more than 1,100, and Falkland Islands, with almost 1,500.

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