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2016 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 3: G-I

Countries of the World G-I No longer available for sale

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Almost 12,000 value changes are recorded in the 2016 Vol. 3, which spans countries of the world G-I. “We continue to see a general softening in the market for stamps from the 1960s through the 1980s,” said Scott catalog editor Charles Snee. “Collectors have filled most of their album spaces, and dealers are well-stocked with these issues. Values for modern issues, particularly from the past decade or so, are on the rise.” Gambia received a detailed, line-by-line review that resulted in almost 2,250 value changes. For stamps issued up to the 1940s, values are trending up for the most part. A representative example is the 1922 10-shilling yellow green King George V (Scott 120), which moves from $145 used last year to $150 this year. Small scattered decreases are seen for stamps from the 1950s and 1960s. A solid mix of increases and decreases characterize stamps of the next three decades. The 1995 Elvis Presley sheet of nine (Scott 1604) advances to $13 mint, never hinged and used, from $10.50 both ways in the 2015 catalog. Value increases dominated among stamps from about mid-2000 to the present. In some cases, the jumps for these more modern stamps are substantial. Values for the various Orchids sheets of 2001 (Scott 2579-2590) soar dramatically from their 2015 levels. The five 25-dalasy sheets (Scott 2586-2590) now sit at $41 mint and used — more than 300% above the 2015 combined value of $12.50 both ways.


Close examination was paid to the various occupation issues of Germany, which yielded just above 1,000 value changes. For the most part, values were lowered, particularly for the modern issues. Notable increases are seen for the overprinted Eupen and Malmedy issues of 1920-21, Scott 1N25-1N41 and 1N42-1N58, respectively. The 10-franc brown of each set (1N41 and 1N58) rises from $45 unused in 2015 to $60 this year. The bailiwick of Guernsey came under close scrutiny this year, with more than 2,100 value changes recorded. Almost without exception, values are down. Many dealers are well-stocked, and collector demand is low. Slightly more than 1,000 value changes are recorded for Iran. For the most part, values are up, with notable increases seen among selected postage issues of the 1960s and 1970s. The 1966 5-rial Farmers jumps from $3.50 mint in 2015 to $7 this year. In the back of the book, take a peek at the postal tax stamps, which show some healthy gains in unused condition.


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