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2017 United States eCatalogue (Vol. 1 listings)

2017 United States (Vol. 1 listings)

This eCatalogue contains the Scott listings for United States, Confederate States of America, U.S. possessions and United Nations as found in Volume 1 of the 2017 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Value changes in classic 19th-century United States stamps, Scott 1-293, are few, with generally very small decreases. Among the exceptions are No. 90, the 1867 12¢ E grill, which rises to $5,000 unused with gum and $2,000 unused without gum, from $4,750 and $1,900, respectively, in the 2016 Scott U.S. Specialized catalog. Scott 100, the 1867 30¢ F grill, a very difficult stamp to find in the grade of very fine, jumps to $9,500 unused with gum and $3,500 unused without gum, from $8,500 and $3,250 last year. Scattered value changes can be found for 20th-century United States stamps to No.771 in the Postage section. More changes occur for stamps from Scott 772 to the present period, but no real trends are evident. More increases than decreases can be found in this period. For example, No. 2875b, the 1994 $2 BEP souvenir sheet with double impression of the brown panel jumps from $300 mint to $1,100. Census figures indicate no more than 12 to 14 examples are likely exist. Changes are few in the United States Semipostals through Locals back-of-the-book sections of Vol. 1. 

Many notes throughout the United States listings have been clarified or expanded. New United States errors include Scott 1305m, an imperforate between pair, on the 1968 6¢ Roosevelt coil stamp. Perforation or color-omitted errors have been added as Nos. 2955aa and 1689y. Among the stamped envelopes, Scott U507a, the unique 1½¢ surcharge on the 1¢ blue on amber, has been expertized by the Philatelic Foundation and other experts and found to be a fake. The listing has been deleted from the catalog.

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