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2018 United States eCatalogue (Vol. 1 listings)

2018 United States (Vol. 1 listings)

This eCatalogue contains the Scott listings for United States, Confederate States of America, U.S. possessions and United Nations as found in Volume 1A of the 2018 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

The 2018 edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Scott catalogs. The title pages of this volume and other volumes in the 2018 Scott Standard catalog state that this is the 174th edition of the catalogs (and it is). In September 1868, John Walter Scott published his first stamp catalog. The catalog, titled A Descriptive Catalogue of America and Foreign Postage Stamps, Issued from 1840 to Date, is considered to be the first Scott stamp catalog.

Slightly more value changes (1,022) were made in United States for Vol. 1A of the 2018 Scott Standard catalog than were made last year (783), with greater numbers of changes made in all categories from Postage through Stamped Envelopes (cut squares). Once again, there are few changes in the Postage areas through No. 771. Dealers have not raised prices, and at auction, true very fine stamps are realizing prices close to Scott values, with higher grades realizing more. A few items show slight value declines, and a very few show increases. Among the U.S. 20th-century coils, used singles of Nos. 349 and 352 show increases, and the scarce 2¢ coil (388) climbs slightly, to $1,400 unused, from $1,350 in the 2017 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers.

In addition to the many updated notes of clarification throughout the listings, new listings for U.S. error stamps have been added. Perhaps the most interesting is Scott 5036b, the imperforate error of the 2016 Quilled Paper Heart stamp. This stamp was issued in imperforate press sheets, but all of those were printed from Plate S11111. A later printing was printed from plate B11111, and it is from this printing that the imperforate errors come. But in order to differentiate the error stamps from the more commonly issued imperforates, examples of the error must be collected with the B11111 selvage attached.

Much new work has been done on the Computer Vended Postage section, mostly in clarifying listings and footnotes.

Released April 2017.

Includes new stamp listings through the February 2017 Linn's Stamp News Monthly Catalogue Update.

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