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2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 2: C-F

Countries of the World C-F


2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 2 (C-F)

This year celebrates another milestone in the 150-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2019 catalogs are the 175th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Vol. 2A includes listings for countries of the world C-Curacao. Listings for Cyprus through F countries of the world can be found in Vol. 2B.

Volume 2A

This year, time allowed for a complete examination of Cayman Islands, which resulted in more than 700 value changes. With few exceptions, values drop for stamps issued through 1999. One unusual stamp from this time period saw a substantial jump in value: the 1975 50¢ Bird picturing a Cayman amazon printed in error on paper with the Basotho Hat watermark of Lesotho (Scott 359a), which soars to $1,000. This represents a 54 percent increase over the 2018 value of $650.

Just short of 1,000 value changes were made following a complete review of Chile. In the postage section, scattered increases and decreases are seen for issues through 2001. Increases predominate for stamps issued during 2002-08. One eye-popping jump occurred for the 2004 250-peso stamp celebrating the 150th anniversary of the German Institute in Osorno (Scott 1437), which rockets from $18 mint and used in 2018 to $70 both ways this year.

New errors and new listings have been added for complete booklets of Canada. There are two new error listings in Newfoundland and nine in Canada. Perhaps the most interesting new errors are Newfoundland Scott 248b, a recently discovered vertical pair, imperforate between, valued at $1,000 unused; and Canada 338b, a unique block of 10 containing five vertical pairs, imperforate between, valued at $25,000. Many new listings for complete booklets have been added. The listings for Newfoundland, and for Canada through Scott 306, bring the listings to completion for the complete booklets that were issued during the period covered by the Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue 1840-1940. Such listings will be pushed forward in the Vol. 2A Canada listings in the next few years.

Volume 2B

The almost 600 value changes recorded for Cyprus reflect a flat to slightly declining market for unused stamps from the mid-1940s through mid-2001. In contrast, many values for used stamps during this time period went up, an acknowledgment that postally used examples of stamps that exist in abundance in unused condition are tougher to come by used. Healthy increases are seen for stamps issued during the past decade. And be sure to review the postal tax stamp listings, where values also have gone up.

Czechoslovakia came under careful scrutiny, which yielded more than 2,800 value changes.

New photographs have been added to help collectors identify the two types of the Dominican Republic 1915 2-centavo olive green and black stamps. Type I stamps (Scott 202) feature “DOS” in small letters. Type II stamps (203) show “DOS” in larger letters, with a white dot at left and right of the denomination inscription.

Six new major numbers and 13 new minor numbers were added to the listings of Fiji's surcharged Bird definitive stamps of 2007-17. Changes implemented in 2015 by Post Fiji have greatly improved the consistency of the surcharges, resulting in fewer varieties and errors during production. Time will tell if this will result in fewer new listings in future editions of the catalog.

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Released May 2018.

Includes new stamp listings through the March 2018 Linn's Stamp News Monthly Catalogue Update.

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