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2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 3: G-I

Countries of the World G-I


2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 3 (G-I)

This year celebrates another milestone in the 150-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2019 volumes are the 175th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Volume 3A (Countries G)

Collectors of Great Britain will want to scrutinize the postage, Machin head, and booklets listings. An exhaustive review of these sections resulted in more than 9,300 value changes. In the postage section, the editors started with the 1913 Britannia issue. Values are down, but not excessively so. One bright spot is an increase in values for used commemorative stamps issued from early 2001 through 2016, an acknowledgment that demand is on the rise and dealer stocks are not plentiful.

Scott 521b is newly assigned to the orange-omitted error of the 1967 1-shilling-9-penny British Discoveries. In this printing miscue, the head of Queen Elizabeth II is missing.

Values for booklet panes and complete booklets have been thoroughly reviewed and updated to reflect current market conditions. For selected modern booklets (prestige booklets, in particular), values now reflect the market values for the key pane or stamp found only in the booklet. At times, this means the catalog value for the booklet will be lower than the sum of the individual values for the panes in the booklet. An expanded editorial note at the beginning of the booklets section provides more detail.

A complete, line-by-line review in Isle of Man resulted in more than 3,500 value changes. Almost without exception, values are down, particularly for issues through the late 1980s. More modest declines are seen for stamps from about 1990 through 2015. Exceptions include self-adhesive stamps issued in booklet form and some souvenir sheets. The 2006 self-stick Christmas booklet panes (Scott 1178a and 1179a) jump from a combined $23.50 in 2018 to $35 this year.

A thorough vetting of Gold Coast resulted in almost 100 value changes: specifically, a mixture of advances and declines for this former British Crown colony that became the independent state of Ghana in 1957. Collectors will find more increases in values than decreases. Among the King George V issues, the 1921 £2 green and orange high-denomination stamp (Scott 95) rockets from $1,000 in used condition to $2,000. The value is in italics to indicate that this stamp is difficult to value in used condition.

Volume 3B (Countries H-I)

In the Hong Kong listings, the editors completed a line-by-line review that yielded more than 1,650 value changes. This year, the focus was on postage issues from the mid-1970s to the present. For the most part, values for unused stamps show declines through the mid-1990s. Values for used high-denomination stamps, in contrast, show gains. Values for selected modern definitive sets were adjusted to better reflect market values for individual stamps within those sets. In some cases, the overall set totals did not change appreciably. In general, values for more recent issues rise 10 percent or somewhat more. A representative example is the 2003 Miniature Landscapes set of four (Scott 1040-1041), which moves from $4 in mint never-hinged condition and $3.50 in used condition in 2018 to $4.50 and $4, respectively, this year.

The listings for Indonesia stamps received a line-by-line review that resulted in almost 3,300 value changes. A few increases are sprinkled among the changes, but overall values reflect a weakening of this market. The 1999-2000 Millennium set of two stamps and two souvenir sheets increases slightly. The values for the two-stamp set (Scott 1878-1879) move to $1.25 mint and 75¢ used, from $1 and 50¢, respectively. The sheet of 20 plus 20 labels (1879a) jumps from $22.50 both mint and used to $25. The set of two souvenir sheets (1880-1881) rockets to $20 used, from $8. The mint value remains unchanged at $20. Several footnoted values also were updated.

Among the listings for India, a small number of color varieties were added to classic-period listings. New Scott 15c is a yellow variety of the 1855 2-anna buff Diadem with Maltese Crosses. An orange variety of the 1865 2a brownish orange Diadem with Maltese Crosses enters the 2019 catalog as Scott 23c. The rare presentation booklet containing the 1948 Mahatma Gandhi set of four (Scott 203-206) with “Specimen” overprints is now footnoted with a value of $13,000. The error variety of the 1973 15-naye paise International Red Cross Centenary (Scott 373) with the red cross omitted also is newly footnoted, with a value of $25,000.

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Released June 2018.

Includes new stamp listings through the April 2018 Linn's Stamp News Monthly Catalogue Update.

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