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2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 4: J-M

Countries of the World J-M


2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 4 (J-M)

This year celebrates another milestone in the 150-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2019 volumes are the 175th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Volume 4A (Countries of the World L-K)

Japan received a line-by-line review through the stamps of 1950, resulting in more than 1,500 value changes. Most of the changes result in increases, some significant. The 1908 Empress Jingo set of two stamps (Scott 113-114) are among the stamps that reflect a strong market. The 5-yen green jumps from $850 unused to $900, and from $6 used to $11. The 10y dark violet moves from $1,200 unused to $1,500, and from $10 used to $15. Among the exceptions to the increases in value are a few of the early issues, including the first issue, Scott 1-6, which declines in value. The 1871 48-mon stamp (1) drops from $250 unused and used to $225 both ways. Scott 2-6 experience similar declines. Scattered value changes were made from 1951 onward, reflecting a strong market for Japanese stamps.

More than 4,300 value changes were made in South Korea. Increases predominate among the issues of Imperial Korea. The 1900 1 poon on 5p green stamp with red surcharge (Scott 15B) jumps significantly in value, from $3,500 unused to $6000, and from $750 used to $2,500. South Korea, beginning with United States military rule in 1946, is on the decline, with numerous decreases in values throughout. Among the exceptions is the iconic 1948 President Syngman Rhee stamp (90). This stamp moves from $375 in never-hinged condition to $450, from $200 unused to $260, and from $180 used to $200. Although many of the early souvenir sheets are on the decline, the 1957 Christmas and New Year imperforate souvenir sheets (265a-267a) increase from $625 each mint to $650.

Among the new images in this volume are images showing the differences between the bars on the normal 1½-millimeter spacing and the narrow ½mm spacing for Jordan’s 1953 overprinted stamps (Scott 297-305). The bars were overprinted on Jordan’s 1952 Relief Map stamps (270-278) issued to honor the unity of Jordan April 24, 1950. The values for the overprinted set remains unchanged at $21.75 mint and $11.95 used.

Volume 4B (Countries of the World M)

More than 950 value changes are recorded for Macedonia. There are no major fluctuations to note, but most of the changes are increases of 10 percent or so. Fairly typical is the 2000 Birds set of four (Scott 195-198), which moves from $3 mint never-hinged and used in the 2018 catalog to $4 both ways this year. Proportionately larger increases are seen for the postal tax stamps. Values also swing upward for a few souvenir sheet varieties described in footnotes.

A review of the listings of Mexico resulted in more than 260 values changes. Most of the value changes show slight increases. The value for the set of 2002-05 Conservation definitive stamps moves upward, from $265.90 mint to $341.05, and from $58.50 used to $74.95. The dash in the mint value column for the 2008 6.50-peso Fight for Mexican Independence Bicentennial stamp with the country name in black (Scott 2584a) has been replaced by a value of $100. The 1930 20-centavo airmail in a horizontal pair imperforate between (C23c) is now valued at $100 used. Increases are found among the 1913 “Ejercitos,” revenue stamps with a coupon attached and used provisionally as postage (Scott 347a-353a). The 5c brown (349a) increases in value from $2 unused to $9, and from $1.50 used to $7. The 50c ultramarine (352a) climbs from $60 unused to $70.

Two new major numbers were added to the listings for the southeast African nation of Mozambique. A large 30-metical imperforate stamp measuring 89 millimeters by 85mm enters the catalog as Scott 695A. This stamp features a frog (Ptychadena porosissima). The number 965B has been assigned to a souvenir sheet issued Oct. 25, 1985, for the Italia 85 philatelic exhibition in Rome. This souvenir sheet has simulated perforations.


Released July 2018.

Includes new stamp listings through the May 2018 Linn's Stamp News Monthly Catalogue Update.

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