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2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 5: N-Sam

Countries of the World N-Sam


2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue - Vol. 5 (N-Sam)

This year celebrates another milestone in the 150-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2019 volumes are the 175th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Vol. 5A includes listings for countries of the world beginning with the letter N through Philippines. Listings for countries of the world Pitcairn Islands through Samoa can be found in Vol. 5B.

Vol. 5A

Many value changes were made in Vol. 5A for the stamps issued by the Netherlands and its colonies. Most of these changes resulted in increases in values. A thorough review of the Netherlands resulted in more than 2,750 value changes.

Netherlands Antilles also received a complete review, resulting in more than 3,100 value changes, the majority of which are increases. The set values for the 1873-79 first-issue King William II stamps (Scott 1-7) increase substantially, from $214.25 unused to $267, and from $197 used to $213.40. The 1996 Capex 96 souvenir sheet of two (768a) rises from $4.75 mint to $7.50, and from $4.75 used to $5.75.

Values for classic Nepal increase significantly. The 1881 1-anna ultramarine stamp (Scott 1) soars in value, from $300 unused to $575, and from $475 used to $650.

Vol. 5B

Almost 2,400 value changes, across all listing sections, are recorded for Poland this year. Among the postage issues, activity is most noticeable for the issues of 1860-1959, and for stamps issued from the late 1990s to early 2010. Market activity is flat for stamps issued from 1960 through the mid-1990s and from 2010 to the present. Careful attention will reveal a small number of issues whose values jumped substantially in the face of apparent market volatility. A standout is the imperforate 1958 50-zloty Stagecoach souvenir sheet of one (Scott 830), which soars to $135 mint never-hinged and $52.50 used, from $20 both ways last year.

Fresh market data and currency exchange rate fluctuations translated into more than 3,400 value changes for Portugal. Values for early and mid-20th century stamps generally have held steady, while many later issues show small decreases. Very fine examples of pre-1940 issues are not commonly offered, while later material, especially issues of the past 50-60 years, is plentiful. New overprint varieties have been added to the listings for the surcharged 1911 Vasco da Gama stamps (Scott 185-192 and 199-206). Minor numbers have been assigned for year dates among the Buildings definitive stamps of 1972-73 and 1974. Five inverted overprint errors of the 1910 postage due set enter the 2019 catalog as Scott J14a, J15a, and J17a-J19a.

Released August 2018.

Includes new stamp listings through the June 2018 Linn's Stamp News Monthly Catalogue Update.

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