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Nassau Street

Nassau Street (Latest Edition), by Herman Herst Jr.

Herman Herst Jr.’s Nassau Street might be the best-selling philatelic book of all time. The reason is simple: Herst was a delightful storyteller. And while he adored stamps as much as the next collector, he reveled in the tales behind them, which more often than not were populated with a cast of memorable characters.

“There is no shortage of stories in the stamp business,” writes Herst in Nassau Street. His eclectic collection of reflections is sure to bring you joy and put a smile on your face. Dive in to read about:

  •         The fascinating journey of dealer Y. Souren from Russian Georgia to the United States
  •         An unlikely connection between soap and a cache of Siberian American Expeditionary Forces covers
  •         The mentally unstable collector who sometimes gave away rarities from his collection
  •         How Czech dealer Alfons Stach secreted his stock right out from under Hitler’s nose


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